Bringing many contributors' voices into harmony

English is often the language of choice for an international team, whose language skills may vary. 

We support clients in bringing each of these contributor's voices into harmony through the use of consistent terminology and thorough editing. Our attention to detail is also focused on the visual aspects of a document. This means we ensure that technical illustrations or screen shots, for example, are aligned with the English text.

Over the years our work has included: requirements and specifications, operating instructions for end users, maintenance manuals, white papers, websites, press releases, and corporate communications, to name a few.   

Getting your research published

We have also assisted clients in having their research articles successfully submitted and published in major medical peer-reviewed journals. Each journal has its own set of "instructions for authors," which are often arduous to follow. The scope of our work includes:

  • Carefully reviewing and implementing the journal's requirements
  • Checking for IMRaD completeness
  • Reviewing accuracy in references and their formatting
  • Flagging pointed inconsistencies
  • Drafting cover letters for submission